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Business Plan Creation

Taking a detailed and modular approach to creation of a business plan, we make sure that every data point presented is supported by rational assumptions, and backed by adequate reasoning 

Financial Model and Projections

By systematically arranging functional areas and supporting numbers with relevant visual graphs, we make sure that the numbers presented to the investors have a solid backing and proper reasoning

Valuations and Analysis

By using valuation techniques such as DCF, comparable companies and precedent transactions, we ensure that you have the right understanding of the company's valuation while negotiating with investors

Investment Deck Preparation

"First impression is the last impression". Your pitch deck is usually the first interaction with a potential investor. We make sure that the right quality and mix of info is presented so as to get a call back from the investor

Market & Competition

Every Investor Presentation contains details about the size of the market, growth rate and the competitive landscape. We help you research and present this information

Cap Table Review

An incomplete cap table is a red flag for potential investors. We review your cap table and assist in resolving pending matters regarding share allocation, ESOPs etc

Deal Support & Documentation

The process of coordinating with investors and their teams can be daunting. Usually one founder's entire time is taken up in this exercise. We can step in and reduce your burden


Deal Screening

We help investors screen and shortlist startup for investments based on their predefined requirements.

Due Diligence 

With the help of our partner legal firm, we perform complete due diligence of startups and deliver a findings report

Deal Support

We assist in coordination and documentation during the investment process and ensure timelines are adhered to 

Portfolio Tracking

Using our comprehensive tracking template, we ensure that all key metrics of portfolio startups are captured