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Business Plan for a US based niche software service provider 

We created a comprehensive business plan for this startup which included a complete market overview, detailed offerings, client testimonials and case studies, financial projections and investment proposal. Graphical presentations were added to the document to better visualize the data.

Financial Projections for a fast scaling startup in the business intelligence space 

We developed a financial projections file comprising of Assumptions, Leads to Sales Conversion metrics, Customer Acquisition costs, Product roadmap and associated development costs, other support costs and finally arrived at the P&L, Balance Sheet and Cashflows. 

Valuation analysis for a chain of healthcare centers

Current and previous year financials were obtained from the client and future projected cashflows were created based on documented assumptions. Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) method of valuation was applied to arrive at a valuation. Adequate reasoning and research was done to arrive at the WACC. Further, a precedent transactions analysis was carried out to benchmark the valuations against acquisitions and fund raises in similar companies.

Investment deck preparation for a startup planning to raise Series A funding

After several rounds of discussion with the founding team, data points that had to be included in the pitch deck were finalized. These data points were then systematically arranged in a presentation format adding visual representations. We engaged with our partner UI/UX consultant to bring visual appeal to the pitch deck. 

Market sizing and analysis for a global digital media startup 

Leveraging on the access we have to several premium databases, we adopted a top-down and bottom-up approach to market sizing. We gathered necessary information required for the exercise and then applied logical assumptions to arrive at a market size.